17 Times Movie Critics Got A Movie Incredibly Wrong After It Released

Sometimes critics can praise a movie the moment it comes out, and years later that same movie can be a hated pile of garbage. And sometimes a movie gets horrible reviews after its release, but somewhere down the line it becomes a beloved classic. In both cases, the critics’ original reviews were wrong.

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I know reviews are subjective, so they can’t be exactly ‘wrong’ or ‘correct’. But these criticisms were Wrong, only in the sense that their criticisms no longer hold. Either the movie means something completely different now due to age/changing viewpoints/progress in society, or the critics failed, at the time, to see how audiences could find meaningful meaning in a movie he thought was trash.


So here are eight highly rated films that proved to be quite inaccessible, and nine films that were criticized, but [pushes up glasses] are really good:

1.In fact, it’s good – Jennifer’s body (Rotten Tomato Score: 45%)

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This 2009 feminist horror-comedy was slammed by critics when it was first released. The film’s inaccurate marketing made it seem like it was just a way for straight people to watch Megan Fox, when in reality, it’s a complex social commentary on patriarchy. In recent years, audiences have seen the film for what it truly is, and it has garnered new fans and appreciation.

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2.In fact, it’s bad – american beauty (RT score: 87%)

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This Oscar winner was adored by audiences and critics after its release in 1999. Looking back, a film centered on a middle-aged man who yearns for his 16-year-old daughter’s best friend is not the best idea. Plus, it’s hard to watch anything starring Kevin Spacey now. The problematic plot, Spacey’s multiple allegations, and the scene’s pretension “Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t stand it” are enough to leave you with a hole. in your stomach and a bad taste in your mouth.


3.In fact, it’s good – scooby-doo (RT score: 32%)

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When a live-action version of scooby-doo was released in 2002, critics called it “tired” and full of “lame jokes”. He was even nominated for two Razzie Awards. But over the years, the film has gained a certain cult following, especially as the writer, James Gunn, has gained more recognition as a filmmaker, and it’s now considered a classic.

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4.In fact, it’s bad – love in fact (RT score: 64%)

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After its release in 2003, critics praised love in fact for its wit and charm. The public accepted and it quickly became a Christmas classic. Over the past few years, however, people have pointed out some glaring issues with the movie. There is harassment (passing off as love), blatant shame and various inappropriate romances between employer and employee.

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5.In fact, it’s good – national treasure (RT score: 46%)

The character of Nic Cage saying:

At the time of its release, critics called national treasure a “pedestrian scam The Raiders of the Lost Ark“, and I found Nic Cage’s performance boring (uh, were we all watching the same movie?). But audiences, on the other hand, flocked to see him. truly beloved Disney movie and a Absolutely classic adventure movie!


6.In fact, it’s bad – Forrest Gump (RT score: 71%)

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In 1995, Forrest Gump won the Best Picture Oscar. Since its release, it has appeared on countless “Best of” lists, and is even No. 76 on AFI’s “100 Greatest American Films of All Time” list. But soon after the film received its praise, people started criticizing Forrest Gump for simplifying and whitewashing important moments in history, its portrayal of black people and women, and openly flattering its audience.

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seven.In fact, it’s good – Josie and the Pussycats (RT score: 53%)

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It’s kind of funny to me that Roger Ebert said that Josie and the Pussycats “ignores the many opportunities to be a satire”, when it is, in fact, stuffed with satire. He pokes fun at the music industry, MTV, record labels, product placement, pop culture in general – I mean the list goes on on. So, it doesn’t matter what critics said when it came out, because it’s a HUGE classic now and more relevant than ever.

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8.In fact, it’s bad – Accident (RT score: 74%)

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Accident won three Oscars in 2006, including Best Picture. Yes, there were negative reactions, but mainly because people preferred Brokeback Mountain. But, the thing is, critics have always loved the movie (although they preferred Brokeback), despite the fact that it’s…problematic, to say the least.

After his Oscars, people started screaming Accident for its ignorant understanding of racism, and it quickly became the “worst film of the decade”.

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9.In fact, it’s good – Hocus Pocus (RT score: 39%)

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Critics in 1993 disliked Hocus Pocusnoting that very soon it would be found in “rental store bins, or as part of a Halloween ‘Trick or Treat’ package (three bags of candy with Hocus Pocus for $5.95). “First of all, wow it’s cheap. And secondly, it’s been 30 years since this review, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. This movie is a Halloween staple, it’s coming back to theaters cinema every October, and it’s about to get a sequel.


ten.In fact, it’s bad – green paper (RT score: 77%)

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This Best Picture winner received positive reviews after its release. Critics praised it for its “anti-racism message” and loved that it was based on a true story. However, green paper did this Hollywood thing of trying to convince us that racism is fixed now. Moreover, similar to Accidentthe film only understands racism on a very superficial level.

People, including his family, now believe that Don Shirley, the film’s black jazz pianist, should have been the focus of the film, rather than his racist driver/bodyguard Tony Vallelonga.

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11.In fact, it’s good – The thing (RT score: 83%)

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John Carpenter’s 1982 horror classic The thing was hated by critics when it was first released. (The RT score is based on reviews that are mostly from the 2000s). The New York Times called it “instant trash” and a “dumb, depressing, overproduced movie”. My favorite part, however, is when the author says, “There may be a metaphor in all of this, but I doubt it.”

Fast forward and The thing is *famously* a metaphor for an array of societal fears (paranoia, epidemics, loss of identity, etc.). It is now considered one of the greatest horror films of all time.

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12.In fact, it’s bad – manhattan (RT score: 94%)

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In 1979, Woody Allen came out manhattan. Critics loved it and it is widely considered his best film. But it’s about a 42-year-old man who is dating a 17-year-old girl. That’s gross on its own, but add Allen’s story into the mix, and the film is completely unassailable.

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13.In fact, it’s good – hot and humid american summer (RT score: 37%)

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In 2001, critics dismissed this film as “dumb” and “nearly unwatchable”. Over the years, however, hot and humid american summer amassed tons of fans and is now a cult classic. A prequel TV series premiered on Netflix in 2015, followed by a sequel series two years later.

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14.In fact, it’s bad – garden condition (RT score: 86%)

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When garden condition was released in 2004, it was one of the first independent films to really break into the mainstream. Critics loved its charm and *quirkiness*, and they praised Natalie Portman’s performance. A few years later, however, film critic Nathan Rabin coined the term “maniacal pixie dream girl”. Although in reference to another movie, people were quick to associate the term with Portman’s character. This, added to the fact that *quirk* quickly became obsolete, people now consider garden condition like a rather pretentious and unbearable film.

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15.In fact, it’s good – Venom (RT score: 30%)

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When Venom was released in 2018, critics slammed the film, calling it boring and blurry. One reviewer even said it was “by far the worst Marvel-affiliated title to hit screens since 2005.” Electra.” But, if you watch Rotten Tomatoes, you can see that audiences clearly love this “fun” and “exciting” film despite what critics have said. Venom even got a sequel in 2021, with plans for a third installment.

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16.In fact, it’s bad – gigi (RT score: 87%)

Character saying,

In 1959, this musical won nine Oscars, including Best Picture. But with an opening song like “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” (and lyrics like “Those little eyes/So helpless and appealing”), it was kind of doomed to not age well. It is now considered the worst Best Picture winner of all time in many circles.


17.In fact, it’s good – Empire Records (RT score: 29%)

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This 1995 teen comedy received negative reviews upon release. Roger Ebert even called it a “lost cause”. But like so many other movies on this list, after a few years people started to really like it. Empire Records has a pretty well-known cast, an amazing soundtrack, and it explores that very specific teenage angst that carries over into adulthood. And since audiences can relate to this movie, no matter what decade they watch it in, the movie still feels so relevant.

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